In 1966 a writer for Sports Illustrated, Robert Boyle, got together with a few fishermen in Garrison New York and decided they had had enough of the industrial abuse of the Hudson River.  The pollutants of the industrial revolution had brought the majestic Hudson River to her knees.  The small group of men formed an association which would use the laws of the land to bring the Hudson River back to life.   They called themselves the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association.

The laws had been on the books against polluting the waters of this country for years, but just not enforced.  Bob Boyle forced the government to enforce those laws.  Other chapters of the HRFA started to spring up.  There was a Yonkers chapter, a Manhattan chapter and in the fall of 1969, a New Jersey Chapter.  The New Jersey chapter was started by a young man named Pete Barrett who with a couple of friends, Vic Alesio, Don Eckert and Larry Danziger, started meeting in Doc Heldens office in Hackensack.   They had about eight members.  The earliest records of the NJ HRFA is an early copy of their newsletter dated 1971.  They talked about the different fishing seasons and a problem with the town of Edgewater dumping sewage into the River.  Today is not so different.  We still talk about the fishing seasons and the pollution of the river still by the town of Edgewater (and others).

Past Presidents of the HRFA NJ

Pete Barrett 71-72-73
Jack Lipton 79
Sergio Radossi 83-84
Fred Edwing 88
Charles Stamm 96-97-98
Carl Bruger  05-06-07
Gil Hawkins 014-015-016

Larry Danziger 74-75-76
Larry Van Dyke 80
Rick Englesbe 85-86
Bob Mallory 89-90-91-92
George Graf 99-00-01
Arnie Ulrich 08-09-010
Dan Harrison  017-018-019

Paul Gamba 77-78
Jack Denny 81-82
Don Anderson 87-88
Tony Evangelista 93-94-95
Jim Campbell 02-03-04
John Golon 011-012-013


10/71 The oldest copy of an HRFA newsletter.  It was written by HRFA President Pete Barrett (now editor of the New Jersey Fisherman Magazine).  From the date, we can assume the issues were monthly because this issue had Volume 1 number 2.  That would lead us to believe volume 1 issue 1 was September of 1971 and this might just be the origin of the HRFA.  When I talk to Pete Barrett, Don Eckert, Larry Danziger, none of those guys can put a date on the startup date of the HRFA NJ.  I don’t know what they were doing back then but they all seemed very confused about the starting dates for the club.  Anyway, I have a copy of the oldest club newsletter in the files.

Vic Alasio and Pete Barrett at the May 2004 General meeting of the HRFA NJ.  Pete was the first president of the club and Vic was the first Vice President. This was the first time these two had been together in 30 years!  Vic heard that Pete was giving a talk at one of our meetings and just had to come and see his old friend.Vic Alasio and Pete Barrett at the May 2004 General meeting of the HRFA NJ.  Pete was the first president of the club and Vic was the first Vice President. This was the first time these two had been together in 30 years!  Vic heard that Pete was giving a talk at one of our meetings and just had to come and see his old friend.
Vic also told us some great stories about them forming the HRFA early in 1969!   Claims that his uncle, Matt Starapoli had written the club newsletter before Pete took it over.  The meetings were held in Pete’s dining room with about 5 guys.   Soon after they moved the meetings to Doc Helden’s office.
Pete Barrett has written an article on the Early days of the HRFA. Click Here.
Alasio__Barrett_5-2004_web.JPG (21386 bytes)
11/71   2nd Oldest copy of HRFA Newsletter on file Volume 1 number 3. It tells of the meeting being held in a Dr. Helden’s office on Anderson street in Hackensack. The subjects of the day were a plan to stop the Storm King plant from opening. Another subject was complaints about the town of Edgewater dumping into the River. There were fishing reports and tips on spots.
1974 US FDA sets safety threshold at 5 parts per million PCBs in fish for human consumption. An EPA study finds high levels of PCBs in Hudson River fish.

10/30/74   Don Eckert” presided over the nomination and election of officers.  Pres. Larry Danziger… 1st VP George Chapman… and     2nd VP George Graf.    Pete Barrett was also given the title of President Emeritus.

11/14/74 “COD Fish trip will cost $16 and will cover the cost of the boat and the Bus. The bus will leave from the GARCIA parking lot in Teaneck.”

3/18/75 “Newsletter adds were discussed. The price will be $25 per year. Writing the newsletter was discussed, Bob Terhune volunteered.”

2/25/76   NY DEC makes it illegal to fish in the upper Hudson from the Ft Edward dam to the federal dam at Albany, closes Hudson River commercial fisheries, and warns people about the dangers of eating Hudson River fish.

2/76    Administrative hearing finds that the PCB pollution was from the General Electric Corporation.

1/77   Upcoming Banquet tickets are $8.50 per person or $15 per couple.

1/77   Elections…Paul Gamba president.

1/77 to  11/2/82 No minutes are available. It would appear that no records were kept during the presidency of Paul Gamba, Jack Lipton, Larry Van Dyke, or Jack Denny.

1979/80 Somewhere in this time span, the name of HRFA was changed to the East Coast Anglers Assn. This name remained until 11/82. 80-81-82.

1981 Jack Denny President…A vote was taken to disband the club and split up the treasury.

11/82 A vote was taken to change the name back to the HRFA NJ, and give the club new life. Serge Radossi became president and decided to treat the association more like a business with more of a “regimentation”. New rules and by-laws were drawn up.
1982-1991 HRFA Newsletter River Views – Editor Sergio Radossi

11/82 It is decided to raise the club dues to $12.

11/2/82 New address for the HRFA to P.O. Box 421, in Cresskill.

12/14/82 Design change on club logo from two fish to one with much less wording.

1983 – 1984 HRFA President Sergio Radossi

3/8/83 A letter stating “I am very interested in the H.R.F.A. activities. Will you please send me some brochures and also date of your next meeting. Thank You. Ray Marione, Guttenberg.”

3/10/83 Serge responds to Rays request for info.

10/26/83 George Graf suggests giving an award to the member who works the most for the club. He suggests calling it the “Pete Barrett/Shimano Award.”

11/83 73 members with $467 in Treasury.

12/25/83 Talk about reviving the Hudson River Fishing Guide. “Do we want to revise it?”

1983 Talk of incorporation at several E-Board meetings. George will look into it. It is brought up again and again until Ed Domkofski incorporates the club on April 15, 1988.

1984 First Pete Barrett Award given to Sergio Radossi

6/29/84 A letter from HRFA member Bob Mallory to the Army Corps of Engineers urging them to stop Westway.8/20/84   US FDA revises safety threshold for PCBs to 2 parts per million for human consumption in wake of new risk data.

9/84    First mention of the name Joe Curvino.

10/84 “It was decided to ” have a banner made up with the HRFA logo on it.”    It won’t happen until 1996!

3/11/85 An Auction is suggested in the E-board minutes, “Perhaps and Auction. In May.”

7/85 First club jackets arrive at the general meeting. 40 jackets are handed out that evening.

10/85 Howard Leehmann Jr. and Sr., along with Bob Jones are announced as new members at the general meeting.

10/85 Rick Englesbe becomes HRFA president.

12/3/85 First Annual HRFA Fishing Auction.

4/20/86 The HRFA Hudson River Seminar at the Fort Lee Historic Park becomes the first of the “Hooked on Hudson” Series of events. Guest Speaker, Tom Lake.  Sunday 12:30 till 3:00 pm. The Original name of the event is “Fishing the Hudson.” Sergio Radossi Chairperson

1/6/87 HRFA Secretary Sergio Radossi writes letter suggesting a bill be introduced making the Striped Bass a Game Fish. The letter goes to several congressmen and legislators as well as sports magazines, newspapers, the J.C.A.A. and ASMFS.

3/87  New members Tony Evangelista & Pete Orenzo are announced at the General meeting.

10/87 Don Anderson becomes new HRFA President.

4/12/88  Club banner still not made yet. “Kirk Bradley will look into it”

4/15/88 Incorporation of HRFA with Ed Domkofski as officer.

6/88   Don Anderson resigns as HRFA president due to health reasons.

7/88      Fred Edwing announced as new President.

11/15/88  E-Board meets in Ridgefield Park VFW to check out new meeting hall.

12/88 General meeting is held in the Ridgefield Park VFW for the first time.

1/89  Fred Edwing resigns as HRFA president. VP Bob Mallory becomes new President.

9/12/89      First mention of Charles Stamm on the E-Board.

10/10/89   The name Pete Orenzo first appears as a board member.

10/17/89  ESPN TV Show The Fishing Hole with Jerry McKinnis films episode of show with HRFA Director Charles Stamm. “Manhattan Stripers.

12/12/89 Pete Orenzo volunteers to help Jim Carney at the door for future general meetings.

1/25/90  HRFA members Ray Marione, Dan Bontemps, Wally Haase and Tony Evangelista represented the HRFA, attended and spoke up at the NJ senate committee on making the striped bass a game fish in New Jersey.

8/14/90 Charles Stamm organizes HRFA Raffle. Chooses two nights in Atlantic City as first prize.

2/12/91 President Bob Mallory announces to general membership that “Gov. Florio has signed the Bill making Striped Bass a Game Fish in N.J.”

2/12/91 Kevin Morgan resigns from E-Board.

4/91   HRFA Atlantic City raffle won by Marge Finacarro who was present at the dinner.

6/9/91     Curvino Resigns from the Board.

11/12/91     Propose making Carl Bruger a member of the E-Board.

11/91 Carl Bruger Volunteers to write the newsletter.

2/11/92  George Costa Jr. will attempt to get banner made up. He is authorized to spend up to $200.

6/14/92 Charles Stamm informs board of certain grants available.

4/93 First calendar appears in “River Views” newsletter.

6/6/93 Constant absenteeism by George Costa Jr., Charles Stamm takes over duties of Recording Secretary.

7/13/93 HRFA members Tony Evangelista and Ray Marione escort Mr. Bill Neyenhouse of the NJ DEPE along the shoreline of the Hudson discussing his Walkway Project.

7/17/93 Infamous Fluke trip with the ELCO Club, ends all relations between the two clubs.

11/93 Tony Evangelista becomes new HRFA President.

11/24/93 Charles Stamm announces he has obtained a grant from the Norcross Foundation for $2000.00 to be used to by two TV’s and some video equipment.

1/94      A new updated club logo is suggested by Charles Stamm in the “River Views”. One that puts more emphasis on a Striped bass than the old logo which featured a Tree.

1/94 NJ DEP Bill Neyenhouse asks HRFA for input on improving Hazards Ramp. Charles Stamm puts together a package and along with Tony Evangelista and Ray Marione, present it to the DEP.

4/11/95 A new updated layout and design for the Club Constitution was presented by Charles Stamm.

8/9/95 HRFA participates in Clearwater Festival at Sandy Hook.

10/95 Charles Stamm elected new HRFA president.

10/3/95 Alliance to Save Fisheries is introduced to the HRFA though the J.C.A.A.

11/95 Meeting in Toms River to Stop netting of Striped Bass was well attended by HRFA members.

2/12/96 Charles Stamm designs new banner, Bill Sheehan orders new club banner. First displayed at E-Board meeting. 2/12/96.

2/14/96 HRFA participates in the Meadowlands Sportsman Show in Secaucus.

2/20/96  HRFA through the DEP obtains $150,000 in funds for improvements to Hazards Ramp in P.I.P. Nothing is done by P.I.P. Funds will be lost if not used.

3/20/96  Hudson River Park Conservancy contacts HRFA for advice on their Park Project.

8/96    P.I.P. design changes for Hazards Improvement are questioned by HRFA. Question if design will hold up to forces of Hudson River. Chas responds with alternatives.

9/15/96 1st Annual Hudson River Maritime Heritage Festival is held at Liberty State Park. HRFA Sponsors fishing contest. Bicycles and VHF radios are used to weigh in the fish along the length of the walkway.

1/97      HRFA Web Site http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/HRFANJ     instituted & maintained by HRFApresident Charles Stamm.

3/97      First six orders for Official HRFAEmbroidered Jackets are taken by Gerry Hujber.

3/19/97 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Guest speaker at Hooked on Hudson Part One.

3/17/97 Sign up first member through the internet web page Gary Scocco, Andover, NJ.

3/27/97 Hooked on Hudson Part Three moves to Sunday at Alpine Boat Basin.

4/26/97 First “up-river” Striper Trip on the MV. Waiverly. Trip produces very few fish.

4/97   US Fish and Wildlife Service releases study showing tree swallows breeding near GE Hudson Falls plant have high concentrations of PCBs in their body and eggs.  Levels up to 55ppm were documented qualifying them as hazardous waste.

5/6/97 Purchase wood carving of striped bass, for displaying at club events, from HRFA member Bill Alstete.

6/3/97 Boat lettering kits “HRFA NJ” become available to members.

6/3/97 Free rental of Sports Videos available to members from HRFA video library.

6/10/97 Chas. Stamm suggests at E-Board meeting sponsoring an offshore wreck in NJ artificial reef program. “The HRFAWreck.”

8/12/97 P.I.P. signs agreement with State for $240,000 improvements to Hazards Ramp. Construction to begin fall of 1997 and completed in spring of 1999.

8/17/97 First “One Day Contest” set up to get non-boat owners out on the River for a one day fishing contest. Main requirement…Must fish from a boat & must have an HRFA non boat owner with you.

9/1/97 Ocean dumping to end. Talk of an HRFA award to Cindy Zipf for her efforts.

9/27/97   US Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbit holds a press conference along the Hudson Demanding that GE stop trying to delay the clean up of PCB contaminated sediment.

11/4/97 G.E. sends Hudson River Site Engineer John Haggard as guest speaker to general meeting about their participation of the PCB problem in the Hudson River.

12/97 E-mail network set up with HRFA members for immediate response actions to political issues.

3/98 John Cronin the “RiverKeeper” guest speaker for H.O.H. Part One.

2/98   Roger Ridenour Premier rod builder joins HRFA.

3/98   Move HOH Part One to Saturday to encourage more kids. Creates new HRFA event…Friday night fishing at the Englewood Boat Basin.

4/98   HOH III sponsored by Active Life Fishing show. Gives HRFA $1500 to put name on poster. Chas Accepts.

6/98     HRFA purchases button making machine to create and sell HRFA Buttons

9/98      Work begins on improvements to Hazzards Ramp at the GW Bridge.

11/98 Mt Sinai asks HRFA President Chas Stamm to have HRFA Members participate in tests for PCBs in humans. Testing to begin at January 1999 meeting.

12/98 HRFA gets it’s own domain name on the internet www.thehrfa.org Chas Stamm webmaster along with HRFA member Fred Rung. Site will be hosted for free by Net Access. History of HRFA Web Site …click here!*
1/99  George Graf new president of the HRFA NJ.

2/99      E-board moves meeting place to River Edge Knights of Columbus

7/99      HRFA members Chas Stamm, Norm Andreasen, Fred Rung set up a mass e-mail project protesting the delays in cleanup of the Hudson by the General Electric company of the PCBs it dumped. New format enabled the same editable message to be sent to 12 individual legislators.

8/99    NY State considering re-opening of commercial striped bass fishing in Hudson River. New PCB tests which test only the fillets of striped bass has PCB level results lower than two parts per million.  Eggs and skin of fish were not tested which originally closed down the fishery in 1976.

10/99 NY State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer files suit to force G.E. to finance the cost of cleanup toxic dredging of the Upper Hudson. Extra cleanup costs because of the toxic PCBs in the sediments dumped there by the General Electric Company of the dredging cost.

10/99 HRFA E-mail Campaign against the re-opening of the Commercial striped bass fishery in the Hudson River by New York State. The letter was set up on the HRFA Web Site for people to sign on to. 1400 letters are sent to 25 legislators in the first two days. Over 17,000 letters are sent in the first two months of project. Letter was sent to Governors Pataki, and Whitman along with 23 other elected and appointed officials in order to get our opinions heard.

12/99      Five Manhattan fish wholesalers are arrested for selling contaminated PCB laden striped bass to prominent NYC restaurants. Fish were caught by shad fisherman Ron Ingold under the George Washington Bridge and sold to the Fulton Fish Market.

1/2000    E-Mail campaign begins sending electronic messages to 25 legislators protesting the attempted sandmining operation off the Jersey Shore by the Amboy Aggregate Corporation.  This permit, if granted would allow a private company to strip mine the ocean floor in an attempt to gather and sell the gravel taken from the ocean floor.  The disruption of the sediments would have been catastrophic on the ocean life in the area which may take decades to recover.  As a result of this issue being placed on the HRFA Web Site, Thousands of letters protesting this issue were sent in the first two months.

6/22/00  HRFANewly appointed Youth Angler Committee takes kids on first fishing trip aboard the Elsie K Princess.

7/2000       The US secretary of the Interior, Bruce Babbitt, siting the enormous amount of e-mails and letters sent in protest of this sand mining issue, refuses to grant the permits to the Amboy Aggregates corporation.  Mr. Babbit sited strong opposition from environmental groups, sport and commercial fishermen, residents, public officials and recreational user groups.

8/15/00    Award presented by the HRFA to the CRABHOUSE Restaurant in Edgewater.  The award recognizes the restaurant for providing a welcome to all who visit their portion of the Hudson River Walkway.  The management of the CRABHOUSE makes every effort to make not just fishermen, but all visitors feel welcome on their pier.  The walkway has benches provided an a fish cleaning station.  visitors have access completely around the restaurant. HRFA Access Committee members Chas Stamm, Tony Evangelista and Ray Marione make the presentation to manager of the restaurant Victor Rezabala.

HRFA Director Chas Stamm, VP Tony Evangelista, Crabhouse manager Victor Rezabala., and HRFA Director Ray Marione.

August 15, 2000 Lamont-Doherty research center of Columbia university to set up study center at Piermont. Pier. Instruments are to be used in studying currents, salinity, water temps, along with a host of other information to be displayed in real time on the HRFA Web Site.  www.thehrfa.org.  The project is the first of a planned series of research sites up and down the Hudson to determine patterns in studying a host of subjects including environmental, habitat and pollution problems of the river.

9/22/00   “The Wreck of the HRFA NJ.”  The HRFA sinks a ship off the Jersey Shore as part of the NJ artificial reef Program.  The ship is a 95 foot ocean going tug sunk fifteen miles east of the Manasquan inlet. HRFA directors Tom Paciorkowski and Gil Hawkins film and record the event along with members Walter Weglinski and Bruce Halstater. HRFAwr1.jpg (13438 bytes) The project was first introduced to the Executive board in June of 1997.  A complete record of the sinking can be found on the following link.

10/17/00    HRFA Annual Fishing Contest Page is set up. The page contains official rules, current leaders, Club records and an on-line entry form which electronically sends entries  to HRFA Director Tom Paciorkowski. Within hours HRFA member Erick Meine submits a 19 pound 3 ounce bluefish through the on-line entry form.

11/9/00  HRFA Coordinates with Scenic Hudson and the Sloop Clearwater for a Candlelight vigil along the shores of the Hudson River to protest perpetual delays by General Electric in the clean up efforts of the River.

12/00  EPA report recommends after 12 year study of Hudson River PCBs should be removed.  Public comment period to begin and end in April 2001

3/7/01 HRFAEnvironmental director Gil Hawkins convinces Federal EPA that NY State should not be the only locations for public comment on GE PCB issue.   Convinces them to hold a hearing in Jersey.  March 7 at the Marriott in Saddle Brook.  Meeting is well attended and very informative about the cleanup plan.

8/1/01  After 70,000 public comments EPA administer Christie Whitman issues statement supporting the full cleanup plan.  PCBs should be removed from the Hudson River.   A message is sent to polluters.  You make the mess…you clean it up.

9/11/01 Tragic day for the country.  River and harbor shut down for months with heightened security.

11/01 Jim Campbell Elected President of the HRFAfor the year 2002.

11/13/01  Executive Board meeting held at the Ridgefield Park Elks Club to check it out as a possible new meeting hall for the HRFAGeneral Meetings.  Board approves of the new location. General meetings will now be switched to to start on the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning on January 8, 2002.

12/4/2001  Last meeting of the HRFAat the VFW hall in Ridgefield Park, NJ.  Been holding our general meetings there since 1988.  The meeting featured our Annual Fishing Auction.

01/01/02  HRFAAnnual dues raised to $25 per year for a family membership.

01/08/02   First HRFAGeneral membership meeting held at the Elk’s Club in Ridgefield Park, NJ. Meetings are now held on the second Tuesday of the month.

03/02  HRFAAwarded 501 C3 status by Federal Government.   This tax status legitimizes HRFAas “Non -Profit” not only in the eyes of the government but in organizations requiring this status for awarding grants.

07/02  First Color Issue of the HRFANewsletter, River Views is printed by Carl Hartmann.
Riverviews color.jpg (154787 bytes)08/02  HRFARiver Views newsletter shows off its first photograph.  HRFA member Alexis Eckhart is pictured on the front page holding a rainbow trout.  Volume 32 issue 8 August 2002.  New printing process offered by HRFA Director Carl Hartmann enables photographs.11/2/2002  HRFA hosts it’s first A.S.A.C. Surf Fishing Tournament in Seaside Park, N. J.

11/10/2002  November 10, 2002 the Jersey Coast Anglers Association honored HRFA member, trustee, director, Ray Marione with their annual Sportsperson of the Year Award.   The event was held at the Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, NJ. The HRFA had two tables of ten filled with HRFA members.   Ray had another two tables with his relatives.  Keynote speaker for the gala event was NJ governor James McGreevey.

April 12 & 12, 2003  HRFANJ Hosts first annual Striped Bass Derby at the Striped bass Restaurant in Tarrytown. HRFA Members Chas Stamm, Fred Rung and Carl Hartmann Co-Chair the event. Two day event is in partnership with the HRFA NJ, Boating on the Hudson Magazine and the Striped Bass Restaurant.   The event is a big success with 198 anglers participating.December 27, 2003 HRFA Gets free display booth at the NY National Boat Show at the Javits Center NYC

April 17 & 18, 2004  2nd Annual Striped Bass Derby in Tarrytown, NY yeilds 375 anglers.  A record breaking success for the HRFA.

May 13, 2004  The HRFA General Meeting is attended by Mr. Vic Alasio.  Vic was the original Vice President of the HRFAwhen it was formed.   He came to the meeting to meet our scheduled guest speaker Pete Barrett, the original President of the HRFA NJ.  Had not seen Pete in over 30 years.  Informs us of many key events in the formation of the Association.  One key fact is that he claims the original starting date was in 1969 and not in 1971.  Seems Pete Barrett did not write the newsletter in the beginnings of the club.  The original newsletter was written by Vic’ uncle Matt Staripoli for about two years before Pete took over.   Great information about the early days of the HRFA.

October 26, 2004  14th President of the HRFA George Graf dies suddenly of a heart attack. George was currently serving as Trustee for the HRFA NJ. George became the first HRFApresident to die.

November 23, 2004   – On Tuesday November 23rd at 12:26 P.M. Captain Glenn Blank tagged his 5000th fish.  This is a feather in his captain’s cap for sure. The fish was a Striped Bass and was tagged and released in the lower harbor… Hudson River.

2004 season HRFA Director Chas Stamm breaks two club records in the annual fishing contest.  Salmon and Striped Bass.  Both records were short lived as both were broken again within weeks of Chas’ catch.   Ken Jennings 43 lb 3oz striped bass and Darren Cardinal 50 lb 4 oz Salmon.


February 12, 2005 The HRFA membership reaches it’s 600th member as Doug Winkler is signed up by HRFA Director Glenn Blank at the Westchester Boat Show.

April 16 & 17, 2005 The HRFA hosts the Largest fishing tournament ever held on the Hudson River.  Our 3rd Annual Hudson River Striped Bass Derby has 706 anglers participating.  The event is centered in Tarrytown New York and has it’s weigh in station at the Striped Bass restaurant in Tarrytown.   The big draw is a $100,000 grand prize in which a number of striped bass are tagged and released in the area just before the event.  Unfortunately none of the tagged fish are recaptured until after the event. Co-chairpersons Chas Stamm, Fred Rung and Carl Hartmann.

June 17, 2005  Helicopter crashed in tot he East River.  HRFA members Chas Stamm and Joe Curvino pluck three survivors out of the water and help save four more.  Details   The chopper is carrying 6 executives from MBNA Bank.  All surivied thanks to quick thinking and quick acting HRFA members.September 24, 2005  The HRFA was the recipient of the  Graham Macmillan Award.  This is the highest award given by the American Littoral Society. The award was given to the HRFA for all of the contributions that we have made to marine science and conservation. On hand to accept the award was Capt. Chas Stamm, Gil Hawkins, Capt. Glenn Blank, Arnie Ulrich, and Bruce Halstater, Wayne Geider, Al White and Tim Burden.

May 7, 2006 Hooked on Hudson event brings out original founder of the HRFAMathew Starapoli.  Matt was the original editor of the HRFA newsletter when Pete Barrett, him, Larry Danziger and George Graf founded the organization in 1969.   He recalls having the original meetings with about 8 guys in Pete Barrett’s parents home.  Matt brings a copy of one of his early newsletters from 1973. staropoli-chas06.JPG (28975 bytes)
Matt Starapoli with HRFA member and Past President Chas Stamm

November 2006...JCAA Awards the HRFA with their Youth Angler Award recognizing the efforts and achievements of the HRFA and our Youth Angler Program Jcaa_youth_award2006web.jpg (34601 bytes)
Left to right…Tim Burden, Bruce Halstater, Carl Bruger, John Ponticorvo, Ray Marione, Darren Cardinal, Glenn R. Blank

December 2008   History of the HRFA Web Sites…Click here!*

November 1, 2008  The HRFA hosted the Largest ASAC Surf fishing tournament ever held in recent memory in New Jersey on November 1st, 2008. Our 7th Annual Hudson River Fishermen’s Association surf fishing tournament had nearly 300 anglers participating with over 50 fishing teams from dozen’s of fishing clubs from NY, NJ and PA . The event was centered in Seaside Park New Jersey using their beautiful 2 plus miles of beach front. There was free 4×4 access with paid registration and approximately 40 plus fish landed that day. The event was chaired by Carl Hartmann with Co-chairpersons Jim Campbell, Tony Evangelista with many other volunteers assisting. The tournament set the standard for all ASAC tournament for the future and it now has become a major fund raiser for the HRFA.

May 15th 2009, Gil Hawkins attends the long awaited ceremony to start the dredging of the Hudson River. He and other members like past president Charlie Stamm fought for many years to force the General Electric Company to dredge the 1.3 million pounds of PCBs they dumped into the river.Video of the historic dredging operation click here!*
All the delays and challenges by GE have run out and it is time to clean up our river. Read the “Record Article” click here.
A great job by environmental members Chas Stamm in the early years and Gil Hawkins in the later years.  A host of HRFA members stayed with this project to help clean up our river.
Dredging_by_GE_May_2009.jpg (28101 bytes)Two Veterans, HRFA Anglers, Die Hours Apart   May 2009
by Rohan Mascarenhas, Star-Ledger Staff, 5/25/2009
As he does every Memorial Day, Tom Fote thought of his heroes. But this year, those thoughts turned to sadness when he learned the two men had died just as the holiday weekend was beginning.
The World War II veterans and old fishing buddies died Friday, Fote said, each of cancer after decades of friendship. Joseph Platoni of Englewood was 90, and Ray Marione of Maywood was 91.
“They knew each other for 30 years,” Fote said of the Bergen County men. “They lived close to each other and they belonged to the same clubs. They stayed active.”
Both men were avid fishermen and volunteered at the Jersey Coast Anglers Association, where Fote, himself a Vietnam veteran, is a legislative chairman. Fote said the men put in “thousands of volunteer hours.”
Platoni headed the Salt Water Anglers of Bergen County for a time and co-founded the Montauk Surf Casters Association.
Marione was similarly energetic. He helped devise a plan to improve a boat ramp below the George Washington Bridge and also spoke to the Assembly to urge passage of the Striped Bass Game Fish Bill, which became state law in 1991.
Both men received the Sportsperson of the Year Award in separate years from the state anglers association, a nonprofit collection of 75 fishing clubs.

August 9, 2009  Darren Cardinal passes away.   Leader of the HRFA Youth Scholarship program.
The HRFA has lost one of its greatest members and benefactors.  HRFA Director and Youth Angler Chairman and Youth Scholarship Chairman, Darren Cardinal died in his sleep on Sunday August 9, 2009.  Darren was a gentle giant among the HRFA members.  He was always present to help out with an HRFA event or task.  Several years ago Darren changed everything for the HRFA Youth Angler Program. He eventually became the head of our Youth Angler Program and made it the wonderful program that it is.  His generous donations and dedications to the cause will be sorely missed.
I first noticed Darren’s presence to the HRFA a number of years ago when his name started appearing on the list of categories for the HRFA Annual Fishing Contest.  Who was this guy “Darren Cardinal” and how come he has the time to go and fish all these exotic locations??  And…how come he does so well?  It seemed every category was being led by his name.
At several HRFA Awards Dinners it seemed as if Darren’s name was at the top of every species of categories we were handing out.  In 2002 he won so many categories he won the HRFA coveted title of “HRFA Angler of the Year.”    There was no question as to who would win that prize as Darren had won just about every category!  It had become the Darren Cardinal Fishing Contest! He still holds the club record for the largest Striped Bass Released at 53 ½ inches.  Inshore, offshore, local streams and tiny ponds to raging rivers, he fished them all and excelled in angling wherever he traveled.
It turns out that Darren had a passion and skill for sport fishing long before he came to the HRFA. His skills as an angler were well documented. We were just fortunate that he had passed by our way on his journey though life.
Darren had set himself up financially in his life and was now dedicating a lot of time towards his passion of fishing. The HRFA and specifically the HRFA Youth Angler Program was the benefactor of that passion.
Rest in peace, Darren Cardinal.
Darren Cardinal Memorial reef Fund Dinner info Click Here!  October 15, 2010

August 28, 2009  Fred Edwing, past president of the HRFA passes away

April 14, 2012 JCAA Sportsperson of the Year – Tim Burden
JCAA President Joe Puntasecca (left) presents Tim Burden their Sportsperson of the Year Award for 2012
Tim received the award through the NJ Beach Buggy Associationwhich he is now affiliated since moving to Toms River.
Tim is the first HRFAmember to do so since Ray Marione in 2002.

 July 9th 2013
HRFA honors eight local area students with scholarships of $250.00 each. The scholarships were presented to them at the HRFA General Meeting this past July 9th 2013. The winners for this year are:
Taylor Alexander of MahwahJames Ando of RingwoodMichael Brereton of HawthorneJacqueline Falcon of NewtonEric Geider of DemarestBrendan Hauner of Pearl RiverMary Tarnacki of Randolph
CongratulationsHRFA Scholarships Committee

November 10, 2013 Sergio Radossi JCAA Sportsperson of the year!
HRFA Executive Board Member Sergio Radossi was voted to be the “JCAA 2013 Sportsperson-of-the-Year”Sergio HRFA activities include being Past President to Current Corresponding & Recording Secretaries, addressing Hudson River access & pollution issues, marine fisheries conservation for many years.

December 2013 Presidents Award –  Carl HartmannOver the years as a leader in many other organizations and clubs. Ihave learned to keep my eyes open and look for a member who hasworked hard and always has the organizations best interest at heart.Through his dedication and professionalism and outstanding service inwhat he does for his club. And give that member a Presidents Award.The recipient of this award works very hard for this club on manycommittees. He attacks every job he is asked to do with the heart of a bulldog. Everything he works on turns our a success.Just proving the old saying. “The harder you work, the luckier you get”.I only wish this club had six more just like him.This award is given by me, Not by a committee, nor is it apopularity contest. It is given as my thank you for your dedication andachievement.The Presidents Award Goes To Carl Hartmann!Thank you Carl! And best of luck in your future work in this club!John Golon, President

May 19, 2017  Bob Boyle HRFA Founder Dies at 88Robert H. Boyle, a Brooklyn-born sportswriter and angler who became the unofficial guardian of the Hudson River as a crusading conservationist and a founder of a widely replicated watchdog group called Riverkeeper, died on Friday in Cooperstown, N.Y. He was 88.
His Fishermen’s Association, founded in 1966, evolved in 1983 into Riverkeeper, inspired by the British concept of appointing guardians of private fishing grounds. Since then, the group has been a model for others around the world as part of the Waterkeeper Alliance, an umbrella group.
Reviewing Mr. Boyle’s book “The Hudson River: A Natural and Unnatural History” (1969), the author Carl Carmer wrote in The New York Times Book Review: “It can safely be said that Mr. Boyle knows more about his subject — the wide stream by which he and his family live — than any other living man.”