2021 HRFA Catfish Chaos Derby
August 14, 2021


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The HRFA’s First Freshwater Bass Derby

Starts June 19 and runs until July 17, 2021

We are a fishing club and we are offering more chances to fish with friends and win prizes than ever before. Come out and support your club!!!
This will be a different kind of Derby for the HRFA. We will be experimenting with the FishDonkey App. Compete with friends.
All registrations must be completed using the FishDonkey App which will be used to photo-document fish and generate live leaderboards. All forms of payment ($25 made separately) acceptable. 20% of the revenue will go towards the club, the other 80% will be cash prizes. 
Test the FishDonkey app before you get out on the water.  
1. Download the app on your mobile device
2. Join “Practice Entering a Fish”
Click HERE to pay online.
Contact the Derby Organizer: Alex Spindelman (845) 548-0003 or a.spindelman@gmail.com