4th Annual Catfish Chaos Derby


Fill out the application to register by mail. Make check payable to “HRFA Catfish Chaos Derby”.


Click  here to print Entry Form – 2020 Catfish Chaos Derby

Online Registration


  1. Fishing in the Hudson River and tributaries only.
  2. Event will be held rain or shine.
  3. Only channel catfish, white catfish, and bullheads will be counted.
  4. Fish can only be caught using a rod and reel.
  5. Fish will be checked in by length.
  6. Fishing from shore and boat allowed.
  7. Fish must be alive at check in. The HRFA promotes catch and release. Therefore, dead fish count at half the length.
  8. One entry per angler. Largest fish checked in counts.
  9. Fishing starts at 12:01am and ends at 3:00pm. You must be at weigh station by 3:15pm.
  10. Ties are determined by time of catch. Earliest fish wins.
  11. Check in starts at 8:00am. Fish caught prior to 8:00am send photo of fish to 845-300-1562 for time stamp of catch. You must still check fish in to count.
  12. Registration ends at 8:00pm Friday August 14th.
  13. Prize structure is subject to change.
  14. All New York and New Jersey rules and regulations apply depending on state fished.
  15. The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association and all sponsors are released from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action arising out of or resulting from any participation in this derby.
  16. All decisions of the derby committee are final.